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Elevation Photography.

No FAA Clearance Required!
100% Legal "Aerial" Photography

High Res Media’s fleet of photo-trucks are equipped with the industries’ #1 elevated mast systems. With the ability to capture breathtaking birds-eye shots up-to 60′ high, elevation photography is perfect for listings on the water, golf course, preserve, has city light or mountain views.

Benefits of Elevation “birdseye” Photography

Not all real estate properties have a perfect view from the street. A number of things can be in the way that block the view of the home. Things like landscaping and fencing can make it difficult for home buyers to see the front of the property for sale. HighResMedia’s Elevation “birds-eye” photography allows us to put our camera higher up in the sky to get eye level with the property or even a few stories above! The added height also enables us to avoid obstructions that might be right in front.

Real estate listing photos benefit from this vantage point as it makes for a better view of the yard, surrounding area, and home structure. They also tend to be more eye catching as it is a view most of us are not used to seeing on a regular basis. For real estate agents, elevation “birds-eye” photographs can make your real estate listings stand out in busy, monotonous marketplaces, generating more interest from prospective buyers. Take advantage of this unique service it’s a great way to further stand out from your competition.

Check out examples of our Elevation “birds-eye” Photography below. Offered daytime and even during the twilight hour, drones can’t capture shots at twilight anything like what we can!

Twilight Elevation Photography.


Daytime Elevation Photography.

Take your real estate photography to the next level!

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Need an even higher perspective? Go SKY-HIGH!