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Terms & Conditions

USAGE RIGHTS | "The Legal Stuff"

As you can see we really love what we do and care about our brand. We protect our work. All photography and videography taken by High Res Media, LLC and any affiliates are owned & copywritten by High Res Media, LLC. For full terms & conditions please click here.

Realtor Licensing Terms:

In order to provide these packages for a value we extend limited usage rights with all Real Estate Photography services. Must be licensed real estate agent. Usage rights are granted to the primary listing agent for the duration of their active listing contract. Photos/Media may be used by the primary listing agent to market & sell the subject property in a customary manner. Only watermarked/web ready photos may be uploaded online. Photos/Media may be used in traditional print materials such as brochures & post cards. Photos used in publications such as magazines (print/online) must be accompanied with the following photo credit: “© High Res Media”

Photos/Media may never be distributed or sold to any third parties for use in any way. Usage rights must be purchased for every third party use. Photos/Media may never be used for any commercial use such as marketing/advertising yourself or brokerage.

High Res Media, LLC may use photos/media for marketing purposes at any time unless prior written agreement has been made.